Sunday, April 3, 2011

Want to look slimmer? Wear hoops NOT stripes + Stripes and #Trends and stripes

Want to look slimmer? Throw away the rules and wear hoops NOT stripes | Mail Online:
Kelly Brook - following the stripe rules : Hayden Panettiere wears flattering hoops
"The counter-intuitive finding, which will leave many women rifling through their wardrobes to find the right look, comes from York University researchers.

They showed volunteers flash cards containing pairs of drawings of women in horizontally and vertically striped dresses."

According to conventional wisdom, horizontal stripes draw the eye around a woman's middle and so add inches to her waist, while vertical stripes elongate a woman's shape.
But the experiment found the opposite to be true.
When the two women pictured were the same size, the one wearing the horizontally-striped dress appeared to be the thinner of the two.
And to make the women appear to be the same size, the one wearing the horizontal stripes had to be almost 6 per cent wider.

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Dannii Minogue
vertical stripes elongate Dannii Minogue's shape

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