Monday, May 16, 2011

Barcode Gallery & QR Code analysis: QR codes become wall art | Crave - CNET

Barcode Gallery: QR codes become wall art | Crave - CNET:
Barcode Gallery artwork
"Modern art is often designed to challenge our sensibilities and push the envelope on the definition of art. Some people may look at a QR code--a boxy type of bar code that often leads back to a URL or message when scanned--and see a jumble of squares. Barcode Gallery looks at a QR code and sees art in action.

Barcode Gallery's custom pieces link to up to 300 characters of text when scanned. That's like having two tweets together. Write your own custom message or choose from ready-to-go college-themed works done in school colors."

Example of QR code, highlighting functional el...Image via Wikipedia

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