Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Honeycomb pattern in 700 million year old fossil | 3-D Images of Microfossils | LiveScience

700-Million-Year-Old Fossils: Oldest Armored Creature? | 3-D Images of Microfossils | Evolution of Earliest Complex Life | LiveScience:
SEM of spiny microfossil
This scanning electron microscopy image reveals the microfossil Characodictyon, which is about
20 microns long, or one-fifth the width of a human hair, and covered in spiny plates.
CREDIT: Image Courtesy of Cohen, Macdonald. 

"Fossils of tiny creatures living hundreds of millions of years ago may represent the oldest example of an organism with its own mineral coating such as is seen today on snails. The fossils indicate that the simple microorganisms were covered in plates with teethlike spines — an evolutionary feature that puzzles scientists.

The fossils, discovered in the summer of 2007 though not fully examined until now, are detailed this week in the journal Geology."

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