Friday, July 15, 2011

Tangram Puzzles To Print - 'seven pieces of cleverness' |

Tangram Puzzles To Print:
Tangram template colour
"Here's some puzzling fun for the kids from ancient China! Tangrams, 'seven pieces of cleverness', are an ancient Chinese puzzle which is still mind-bending and intriguing today!

[P.S. - it only takes three, or at most four colors to fill any 2D map or web-like mesh without the same color touching across the borders]

How to play:
Print out one of our tangram templates - either in color or black and white - onto cardstock. Cut out very carefully along the lines. Now use the seven pieces to make 'pictures' - either inventing your own or using our printable tangram puzzle pages as a challenge. Younger children can lay the tangram pieces over the printed puzzle pages and move them around until they fit; older children can just use the printed page as guidance."

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