Monday, August 29, 2011

Incredible Cardboard Sculptures by Scott Fife |

Scott Fife: Link to the artist's main page
Kurt Cobain and Elvis in cardboard

"I like the physical nature of building the sculpture–it seems very old-fashioned and traditional. The idea of the material itself–it’s friendly, flexible, there’s a glow from in it. I’m the full-service artist–doing it all at the moment. I like the aspect of the low-tech tools that I need to make something like this. In the beginning [it was] an X-acto knife, masking tape and glue–now it’s the screw gun. So that hasn’t changed much at all–the directness of it, that I could begin to shape this, I can make this very plastic without any special process.

Scott Fife has been exhibiting his sculptures and drawings since 1976 in galleries in Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles and Vancouver, BC and in museums including the Frye Museum (Seattle), the Tacoma Art Museum, the Boise Art Museum, the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture (Spokane). His work was included in the 2008 Art on Paper Biennial at the Weatherspoon Museum of Art in Greensboro, NC.

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