Monday, March 19, 2012

Edible encoded messages: QR Code Chocolates By Chocolate Graphics for Marketing Advantage

QR Code Chocolates By Chocolate Graphics - Get The Chocolate QR Code Marketing Advantage:
Chocolate QR Codes

Edible encoded messages. So how many people out there actually use these QR codes? Marketing executives want to know. I like the range of information you can put into a graphic. Over at you can choose from 17 different input data types (below) including YouTube videos and big chunky plain text documents. The sample below is a list of the free apps on Amazon from January this year, clocking in at 152 words with 725 characters.

You can also go to (URL shortener / tracking) and generate QR codes with link to your webpage, in this case a links to the article on about Amazon apps for the month of March 2012.

The links can be customized with your own words or number system that you create. Use the URL shortener prefix, or their equivalent prefix: See the stats of any or links by adding a plus sign:

 Website URL
 YouTube Video
 Google Maps Location
 iTunes Link
 Plain Text
 Telephone Number
 SMS Message
 Email Address
 Email Message
 Contact Details (VCARD)
 Wifi Login (Android Only)
 Paypal Buy Now Link

And to cap it all off, you can integrate this with Google Analytics by encoding their "UTM codes" into the link at the same time. These codes can be used to find out where your visitors are coming from with Analytics -- the information appears under "Campaigns".  If you click the link to see the stats above, you'll see the link also includes the google analytics UTM that comes after the standard URL (too many acronyms). P.S. If you haven't checked out the Analytics "Visitor Flow" stop what your doing and check it out - information rich

Update: See Real Time tracking beta. It works! Try opening and closing a page on your site.

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