Tuesday, February 15, 2011

paisley pattern in black and white

That's the dreary title of what's actually an interesting government document defining the types of patterns for fabric or paper, with this excellent curly-cued version of a paisley pattern in black and white (click image to zoom, in new window). The categories include these old time favorites:

1. Perforated or openwork (see this lace gallery)
2. Combined unidirectional and bidirectional pattern
3. Unidirectional
4. Paisley
5. Plaid or tartan
6. Texture or open weave
7. Tracery of uniform line
8. Zigzag or wave
9. Stippled effect
10. Grid or graph matrix
11. Reverse, rotated, or alternating pattern element
12. Striated or linear arrangement
13. Single isolated systematically repeating element
14. Random arrangement of pattern elements within repeat unit
15. Appliqué, medallion or singular pattern unit

Do you see anything missing from the big pattern list? - with examples of all known patterns that ever existed. Your comments will help preserve patterns for future generations.

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