Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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Dror Unveils His Space Truss Geometry and A Revolutionary New Way to Build: by Jacob Slevin
The designer presented his system at the New Museum last night. Dror was clear about the fact that QuaDror is revolutionary in application but that the system is as old as Euclid - a geometric arrangement of triangles which can reduce the amount material needed to support a load.

QuaDror from Dror on Vimeo.

Dror was very well spoken at the presentation in the belly of the New Museum on the Bowery in New York City last night. The designer describes his studio and the creative process. 
His design and marketing company has spent the last four years developing this idea from an original commission from 

Swarovski Crystal

 . The work happens at his studio in New York where he spends most of his time time in the shop when he is brainstorming new ideas - working by hand with wood, metal, concrete to get at the essence of the material. In other parts of his studio (divided into 4 zones for different aspects of the design business) employees turn these creative experiments into 3D models and the ideas are developed into several applications from disaster relief to flat-pack buildings that you can take with you when you sell a property.

He is an artist by training and readily admitted that the applications for this and other products are vetted and proved by engineers and the most rigorous research and documentation. The time and money spent for this R&D may prove to be the ultimate strength of the company. Arup engineers provided the structural engineering for the Quadror system, with every sort of stress analysis for the flat-pack and structural system. The audience asked Dror about the structural aspect of the design (the joints, the foundation) and he answered the questions quite well, with no help from the Arup staff who were in the audience.

Will this flat-pack structure idea get a patent or will the company release it to the world as an open source technology? Dror is considering those options right now. The company has designed a system of joint connections that reduce the amount of material that needs to be shipped by using local sources for the chords between the joints. The extensive R&D in evidence for this project deserves to be reimbursed. Hundreds of potential clients who have contacted Dror, and thousands more disaster-relief recipients will be interested in the answer to the open-source question.

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