Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vote in our #Contest to #Design the best #Paisley #Fabric! - Spoonflower blog

Vote in our contest to design the best paisley fabric! - Spoonflower blog:
Paisley fabrics
"Vote in our contest to design the best paisley fabric!"

Spoonflower Paisley Fabric Contest

Images will take a moment to load!

Designs appear in a different order for each person who votes. This contest is for paisley fabric designs.

Vote for as many or as few entries as you like by clicking on the images you like best. A green box will appear around the design you select for voting.

Your votes are submitted only after you reach the end of the voting pages and click the button to submit your votes. We will announce the winning fabric in our email on Thursday, March 10th.

All fabrics in this round are previewed using the scale of a quarter yard (21"x18").

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