Sunday, April 3, 2011

Arabesque = #Vintage Jewelry Word of the Day | Notes From the Lane #Jewellery

Vintage Jewelry Word of the Day: Arabesque | Notes From the Lane:
"The word arabesque is used to describe a design with flowing scrollwork. Many of the designs have low relief curlicues. Often the design is elaborate and consists of intertwined branches, leaves or flower motifs or complex geometrical patterns. The main feature is the flowing style or intertwining of the elements of the motif.

The technique originates from 10th century in Baghdad. It was very popular in the Muslim world. The technique was used not only on jewelry, but also on jewelry boxes themselves. The final result is a style which is both romantic and feminine with a filigree appeal and look to it. During the mid 1500s, this technique became one of the favorite designs in Renaissance scroll work, and it became an important motif used in jewelry designs of both the Renaissance and Baroque periods."

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