Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cherry Blossoms 2011 at the LOC | #Squidoo Internet Resources (via http://bit.ly/dotpattern)

Library of Congress collections about Cherry Blossoms-Selected Internet Resources:
Crowned Queen of Cherry Blossoms. Washington, D.C., April 8. A colorful ceremony which attracted thousands of visitors to the Capital, little Sakiko Saito, daughter of the Japanese Ambassador and Mme. Saito, was crowned Queen of the Cherry Blossoms by Melvin Hazen, Commissioner of the District of Columbia. The festival was held to celebrate the anniversary of the presentation of the Japanese cherry trees to the capital by the citizens of Tokio, Japan during the Taft Administration. With the Queen as shown her two attendants Masako Saito, also a daughter of the Japanese Amabassador, and Barbara Caldwell, American playmate of the two youngsters, 4/8/1937

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