Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quirimbas #Island style - Escapism to Africa

iafrica.com | travel | beyond sa | africa | Quirimbas island style:
"Cast away in the northern reaches of Mozambique’s Quirimbas Archipelago, the island has no fresh water (so no malaria-carrying mosquitoes to worry about) and was uninhabited before RANI Resorts built 13 luxurious chalets here four years ago."

Robinson Crusoe escapism in five-star style
As surely as the sun drops behind the mainland to the west, your walk will invariably lead you back to your luxury chalet, one of just a handful on the island.
Palm thatch rustles in the wind, while inside air-conditioned luxury awaits on hot summer nights. With outdoor showers and romantic Arabesque furnishings, this is Robinson Crusoe escapism in five-star style and the perfect destination for honeymooners.

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