Monday, May 16, 2011

QR codes: cellphone bar codes will take over the world -

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Why those funny new cellphone bar codes will take over the world -

"We are working with one of the world's largest concert promoters. They're putting our codes in their night clubs, where people can scan it (to get a list of upcoming shows). People can scan it with their phone and buy tickets for the next show. It's basically the poster (that nightclubs often use to promote coming attractions) but it also becomes its own digital store and cashier.

Q: What happens next?

A: People will soon recognize that the code is an Internet hyperlink. And that will be a call to action.

A restaurant might put them on its menu and you could see pictures of each dish. Or the restaurant might include a special offer: Give us your e-mail address and we'll give you a discount on tonight's meal."

A: QR codes will be ubiquitous in five years, and the phone will be like a magic wand -- wave it and get things. It will be your access to the Internet wherever you go. And it will be the most efficient way to get any information anywhere.

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