Monday, May 2, 2011

Seamless Pattern Background Designs

Seamless Pattern Background Design Editor:
"Mode:EditPreviewAll designs 0 to 192 of 192"
With this new editor I've attempted to create a very direct and easy way to browse through the database of pattern color variations and edit selected designs all in one place. The editor allows users to save palettes and apply them to all designs quickly and easily. This ability combined with a shuffle tool, a RGB true color selector and repeat size controls allows designers to create whole collections of coordinated pattern themes in a fun way and save to their account for use at another time.
Click the X at the bottom of the introduction page (with the quote above) and fire up the editor to choose from 192 seamless / tileble patterns.

Then, edit the colors, add textures and scale the pattern before downloading a free .png file. Other formats for members. Shuffle colors to see a random selection of variations, or find the screen that has the Variations button to see another 192 variations of this single pattern.

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