Friday, May 6, 2011

World’s Great islamic Calligraphers convention + #Calligraphy | - Albany NY

World’s Great Calligraphers on one Spot, Wow (1) - Muslim Women - Religion, culture and Islam - - Albany NY:

"Calligraphy is one of the fascinating branches of Islamic art, the power of the word is eye catching and spiritually enriching. I am attending a unique event this week, The Convention of the World’s Renowned Calligraphers of the Holy Quran here at Al Medinah Al Munawarah."

Well known calligraphers are invited by King Fahd’s Center for the Printing of the Holy Quran [...]
The exhibit is beyond description, it exemplified the wealth and depth of the calligraphy in Islamic culture. It also shows the capacity of calligraphy in Islam to include and absorb different cultures.
I took my young girl to the exhibit, I did not know how much she will get out of it, she liked it, and she was especially amazed with the workshops and the gift she got from one of the widely known calligraphers Mr. Saud Khan an inscription of her name. I will go again today and probably come back with more stories. For now here is the website:

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