Friday, June 17, 2011

Geometric pattern play: Schumacher fabrics ! Design Manifest

Design Manifest: pattern play:
"I love this pink-orange color combo so much it makes me reconsider my whole apartment's color scheme. Pink and orange have such a happy quality to them, yet we wanted this mix to be sophisticated instead of youthful. I'm a fan of a big bold pattern paired with a small geometric and some solids. It's feeling a little bit boho and a little bit preppy... just the way I like it :)

Since my favorite fabric, Schumacher's Samarakand Ikat is so darn expensive, I balanced it out by purchasing the solids for cheap at Jomar Fabrics. The geometric is Betwixt by Schumacher.

TIP- when mixing solids, pair different textures. I did a velvet and a poly-cotton blend with a nice sheen."

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