Monday, June 20, 2011

Persian rug paintings @ ABC Carpet #NYC: “The Color of Sacred,” Solo Exhibition -

Madeline Weinrib to Host “The Color of Sacred,” Solo Exhibition Showcasing the Work of Artist ... - Artwire Press Release from
"Magnificent and mystical, Mark Wilson’s work re-interprets traditional seventeenth century Persian carpets, long treasured by both Eastern and Western cultures. These paintings share the same reverence and exquisite detailing as the handwoven originals. With paint and brush, Wilson mirrors the opulent natural palette of indigo, madder, pomegranate rind and walnut husk dyes, the beautifully mellow colors that are characteristic of antique Persian carpets. This particular series was begun as a creative response to the events of 9/11 when Wilson was living close to the World Trade Center. ” There’s something hypnotic about gazing into a carpet, that enables mystical thoughts to flow, “said Wilson."

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  1. I just love the colors of this Persian carpet! They are characteristic of antique Persian carpets! These carpets are very popular these days due to their good quality and beauty!



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