Friday, June 17, 2011

Wild and wacky trends for summer = Rompers, wedges whimsical Ts + Home and Style - The Buffalo News

Wild and wacky trends for summer - Home and Style - The Buffalo News:
"Take a look at what's trendy now:

Rompers: Even the word makes us giggle. Cameron Diaz recently was photographed in a short white romper with a red tweed jacket, red belt and nude shoes -- making her long legs appear even longer. She also wore one to the 2011 MTV Movie Awards earlier this month, as did 13-year-old 'Super 8' actress Elle Fanning."

Nail polish strips: Think nail color and pattern without the wet polish. One popular brand: Sally Hansen's Salon Effects real nail polish strips.
Whimsical Ts: If you can't wear a witty T-shirt in the summertime, when can you? But it's also how you wear it. Among its offerings for summer, LOFT includes its "Nautical Girl" graphic tee -- a white shirt with a large image of a woman's face, her eyes covered with sunglasses.
Wild wedges: They might be shoes, but some of the wedges out there could double as bookends. We're talking shoes with a 41/2-inch (or higher) wedge on a 11/2-inch platform. And the patterns! Stripes, dots, florals and more.
Chunky acrylic bracelets: From crystal clear to tinted varieties, we're talking big in size and big in popularity. The playful bracelets of various designs have been spotted everywhere from shop AK at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery to specialty stores.
"I think of them as LEGOs for the wrist," said Sarah Nichter, co-owner of P.S. Accessories, 1442 Hertel Ave.
For spring, she chose translucent acrylic bangles with lacelike patterns as well as bright, geometric acrylic designs.

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