Friday, July 1, 2011

Artist adds reflective vinyl patterns to ugly signal boxes in Auburn

Artist flashes vinyl touch to signal boxes in Auburn - Auburn Reporter:
Rachael Dotson, an independent artist, applies a sheet of vinyl art to a signal box in Auburn.  - Robert Whale/Auburn Reporter
"Tacoma artist Rachael Dotson and the Public Arts Committee of the Auburn Arts recently decided even this utilitarian part of the urban environment [traffic light electrical boxes] should strut its stuff. As part of Auburn's recent Clean Sweep, a group of Dotson-led volunteers applied reflective vinyl patterns on metal boxes throughout the downtown core.

'It's about creating one more visual connection to identify the downtown area,' said Dotson, finishing up the last of the 12 signal light boxes at the intersection of F and 4th Streets. 'It brings in art in an unexpected way, and it's kind of a graffiti deterrent.'"

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