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Example of wallpaper group type p3.Example of wallpaper group type p3. Computer-enhanced photograph of a street pavement in Zakopane, Poland. via Wikipedia
Tessellations | What are they?

The word 'tessera' in latin means a small stone cube. They were used to make up 'tessellata' - the mosaic pictures forming floors and tilings in Roman buildings

Nowadays, the term "tessellation" has become more specialized. Its meaning has changed. Now it means pictures or tiles that aren't just square-shaped.

A true tessellation covers a 2D plane with "no gaps and no overlaps". Or, at the very least, the audience's eyes should be able to see that the pattern could fill the entire space without gaps or overlaps. If the pattern wouldn't cover every bit of sky, floor, grass, unexplained white space... then those places where the background shows through count as gaps.

TEACHERS - This whole site is entirely suitable for young children.

Yes, we'd be happy to post your class's original art tessellations in a "school gallery" on

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