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Camouflage Fabrics battle dress uniform | Brittany Dyeing and Printing Corporation

The Fabrics - Camouflage | Brittany Dyeing and Printing Corporation:
MARPAT-Marine Pattern

BDU - Battle Dress Uniform

Three Color Desert Camo

ABU - Airforce Battle Uniform

CADPAT: Canadian Disruptive Pattern

Canadian camo patterns; CADPAT™ Temperate Woodland (TW) and Arid Regions (AR). CADPAT TW has been rated best tropical and Temperate Camouflage by NATO soldiers in a recent scientific study. The Canadian studies show there is a 40 percent less chance of being detected from 200 meters away with CADPAT Versus Olive Drab.

MARPAT: Marine Pattern Camouflage

The U.S. Marines considered adopting CADPAT for their new pattern, however the Canadian government owns the copyright for the pattern. The Canadian government supplied information and manufacturers to help the Marines with the computer-generated Digital Pattern pixilated uniform the Canadians had been developing since 1988.

The new U.S. Marine MARPAT (Marine Pattern camouflage) Forest, Desert and Urban. The Marines have not yet officially produced the Urban pattern in a full production run. Uniforms with the urban grays are likely unauthorized replicas of the trial uniform.

MARPAT was developed with the help of the Canadian Department of National Defence and their extensive research used to develop CADPAT.

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Bape 1st Camo Pertex Poncho
Duckhunter pattern

bape pertex camo poncho 3 150x150 Bape 1st Camo Pertex Poncho

Bape 1st Camo Pertex Poncho

Camo cargo pants and shorts

Know your camo - trousers, cargo pants and colorful fashions

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