Sunday, July 29, 2012

‘Fight Club’ #Posters mock McCarren Pool violence #NYC #Street #Boxing

‘Fight Club’ posters mock McCarren Pool violence -

For every bad thing that happens in Brooklyn, there's a hipster with too much time on his hands just waiting to turn it into some glib referential art gag. With the high-profile paroxysms of violence marring the reopening of the McCarren Park Pool, it was probably only a matter of time before some wiseass turned it into street art. Behold, The McCarren Park Pool Fight Club, where "all age and skill levels are welcome to fight."

These parody posters for the McCarren Park Pool Fight Club were plastered all over the Bedford L train station this week following a recent spate of fights and violence at the re-opened pool [NYDN]. The pool has closed early on several occasions since opening June 29, including last week, when cops used pepper spray to subdue crowds during a melee that started when several youths refused to obey lifeguard orders to get out of the pool. Three men were arrested.

The MTA on Thursday was ripping down posters plastered around a subway station in Williamsburg that advertised a "Fight Club" at McCarren Park Pool, an apparent prank capitalizing on the recent spate of violence that has marred the pool's reopening.

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