Monday, August 13, 2012

Dots in swirl formation © Dialogue8 stockphoto: fotolia

Photo: Dots in swirl formation © Dialogue8 #34131855:
Dots in swirl formation
Stockphotos from Fotolia with dots and swirls / Crop Circles / More swirls
Vector background with abstract mosaicAbstract green wave. Vector

beautiful swirly iconic illustrationabstract halftone circle background

"I want to follow the view that more sales channels are better," adds DeLillo, "Fotolia, one of the world's leading sources for high quality microstock imagery is the logical first stop for me. They are experiencing rapid growth and being very innovative in their marketing."
Fotolia is where recent hires Garth Johnson, former VP Business and Community Development of rival firm iStockphoto, and iStockphoto co-founder, Patrick Lor, have recently taken executive positions.
 Kaleidoscope jewelry

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