Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sold! Shirts and greeting cards purchased in September #TY en dank u zeer!

Products from the Mysterious World of Alchemical Arts and Song of Myself: Walt Whitman cards and accessories.

You recently sold 1 copy(s) of your product,

hermes bird colour

Thanks Nicholas in Texas. This is one of my favorite designs of two dragons locked in combat as a metaphor of a chemical process to achieve the philosopher's stone.

You recently sold 1 copy(s) of your product,

alchemy laboratory tee

Patrick, in Cliffside Park, is enjoying my other favorite design of the raven sitting on the alchemists workbench with bubbling chemicals and ancient manuscripts.

Walt Whitman
You recently sold 8 copy(s) of your product, 

Thank you to Lorrain in NJ

The 200th anniversary of Walt Whitman's birth will be in five and a half years: May 31, 1819

You recently sold 25 customized copy(s) of your product,

Walt Whitman Greeting Card

Enjoy your customized cards Timothy in Ohio.  I think he liked the sepia tone paper appearance on the front and insides of the cards.

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