Sunday, September 23, 2012

computer art - The New Aesthetic Movement Tessellation and computer #Glitches

The New Aesthetic Needs to Get Weirder
From Mishka Henner's "Dutch Landscapes" series. Via
The New Aesthetic Movement announces itself not with a manifesto, but with a tumblrJames Bridle's modest microblog "The New Aesthetic," which has recently enjoyed considerable attention thanks to a panel at the SXSW interactive conference, Wired essay response by Bruce Sterling, and a series of responses to both at The Creators Project--not to mention dozens more replies all around the web.

What is the New Aesthetic? One accurate answer would be: things James Bridle posts to its tumblr. Another doubled as the subtitle for Bridle's SXSW panel, and it amounts to a generalization of the same thing: "seeing like digital devices." Pixel art, data visualizations, computer vision sensor aids--these are the worldly residue that computers have left behind as they alter our lived experience
The Tableau Machine

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